Online Sports Betting

Sports betting in America

Sports betting is predicting the outcome of a sporting event and placing your bet depending on what you think the final result will be. In America, you are able to wager on different betting options provided by your favorite sports book. Nowadays sports betting does not only include athletic sporting events such as basketball, baseball or soccer but also other non-sporting events such as political elections, reality show contests and other nonhuman sporting activities such as greyhound and horse racing.

Many legal sports betting activities are conducted online from different jurisdictions depending on the operator’s license of operations. Online sportsbooks take upfront bets with the player being required to deposit the stake before placing the bet.

Types of sports bets

  • Moneyline bets

This type of bet does not have handicaps or spreads and one is required to predict the outright winner of a particular sports event. The underdogs are usually given a higher odd compared to the favorites.

  • Total scores bets

This is wagering against the total score or individual teams’ score at a particular point of the game. For instance if a basketball game has a total of 220.5 an over bettor will want the combined score for both teams to be more than 220.5 while an under bettor would want the reverse.

  • Proposition bets

These are wagers based on specific outcomes and not the final score. For example, betting, if a specific player will score in a soccer game, the number of yards a player will run in American football among other options.

  • Future Wagers

While sports betting is based on future events (apart from in,-play sports betting) future wagers run over a long period of time which may include predicting on the winner of a particular league in a given season even before the season begins.