Popular Upcoming Sports in America

Upcoming sports in America

America is one of the countries with a rich sporting culture around the world which may be attributed to the huge investment in sporting infrastructure around the country. American football, basketball, and baseball are some of the major sports events in terms of viewership and fan base. However, if you are not into these three major sports we have a wide range of sports that will keep you busy and entertained whether you are a professional sportsman or just doing it for fun. This article will highlight other interesting sports in America apart from the three top sports based on revenue and their fan base.

Top upcoming sports in America

  • Ice hockey

Ice hockey is popular in Canada with teams from the country having dominated the sport for a long time. The Rangers were the first team from America to win the Stanley Cup which is the most coveted prize in the Ice Hockey League. There are both professional and amateur hockey leagues which are managed by the Hockey League Federation. The sport has spread to other countries which has led to the formation of a European championship currently played by 32 teams from around Europe.

  • Soccer

In earlier days soccer was not a popular sport in America but after the 2014 World Cup where the United States team had an impressive run, the game has seen its TV ratings improve over massively. Soccer in America is run by Major League Soccer franchise which manages all aspects of the game including the country’s soccer league.

  • Boxing

Muhammad Ali who is the greatest boxer of all time was an American. Not only did he fly like a butterfly, he also stung like a bee. Boxing has become popular in America with the likes of Floyd Mayweather breaking pay per view records one after the other showing that more Americans are starting to like the game.